My Design Philosophy


“Luxury means different things to different people. To me, it has always been about elegantly proportioned rooms complemented by hand-picked colour-schemes, beautiful bespoke furniture, and made-to-measure curtains and wall coverings that work in perfect harmony. It’s also about opulent, one-off accessories and unexpected finishes that elevate and transform each space.

While the blend of elements in each design is unique to you and your home, in creating your perfect interior, I carefully consider each of the following areas.”

The overall feel and ambience

I combine indulgent fabrics and decadent textures like linens, silks and velvet to make each interior ultra luxurious.

The flow

I consider the bigger picture too, to make sure our design scheme flows seamlessly from room to room and reinvents each space with timeless elegance.

Finishing touches and accessories

I never overlook the importance of the finer details and extras that can make all the difference.

Ease and comfort

We all love pared-down minimal design, but I also take care to create interiors that are warm, welcoming, and a pleasure to be in.

Mood lighting

By skillfully using light, I aim to enhance the features of each room and give each interior a soft, sophisticated character.


Design is never a science, so I never let processes overshadow creativity. This keeps my design fresh, personal and truly unique.